Cannaland | Intake


The same way different strains have different effects on the body, different methods of intake produce different reactions. Our range of products are designed to utilize the wide range of benefits that come from different delivery systems


Inhalation consists of vaporizing or smoking. vaporizing or dabbing lacks the harsh, irritating effect that smoking can have on the lungs and throat.


Ingestion involves eating or drinking a cannabis infused product. ingested cannabis passes through the stomach before reaching receptors in the brain, which means a slower onset but generally produces the longest lasting effects.


Sublingual intake occurs when products are placed under the tongue and absorbed through the mucus membranes. this delivers a faster onset of the affects than ingestion making it ideal for patients.


Topical delivery involves the application of cannabis oil onto the skin. this offers relief with the high, making it ideal for treating rashes and other skin level discomforts.

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